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 Dachu’s Guardrails had been sent to South Asia 


Due to the Chinese Spring Festival, we have advanced the expected shipment date from the middle of February to the end of January. This client uses beam specification of 4130*312*86*2.67mm, post specification of 149*110*19*4.3*1830mm, and spacer specification of 149*110*19*4.3*360mm. These two containers were shipped from Wuhan Port to one of the famous port in South Asia, and it only takes 22 days from the Wuhan port to the destination port.

Efficiency is always what we are pursuing.



Dachu QC is testing the zinc coating thickness of the guardrail posts


Dachu Guardrail beams are pending to be loaded into the containers


Dachu Guardrails order is pending to be dispatched in Wuhan Port


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